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      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call Esther directly on 0405 823 451.

      No, you don’t need a partner we dance in a group & we rotate between people & change partners, so everyone has the chance to notice the different leads & different followers in the way everyone dances.

      We specialise in Cuban Rueda Style Salsa.  We aim to bring the social, fun aspect back to the Salsa Dancing.  Rueda De Casino (The Casino Wheels) is a style of Salsa that can danced in groups of people ranging from 2 couples to 50 couples or more.  However, the moves and figures learned in classes are designed to be able to be danced by individual couples as easily as group ruedas.

      Great, probably that is best if you haven’t dance before, you do not need any experience at all! You will start as a beginner which probably is easier for you to start something new, fresh & pick up the basics quite easy. You will be comfortable with the way we teach.

      The only requirement is NO thongs or slippers. Other than that you can basically wear anything that you are comfortable with.

      If you have dancing shoes it is highly recommended but if you are just starting and want to find out first whether Salsa is for you before buying dancing gears, wear something comfortable for you to dance around.

      A very good question. The only thing we can let you know where you should start is to attend one of our classes and we will decide what level more suitable for you.

      To find out what level of dance experience you have, you may attend the beginners level first. After that, if you think you are more capable in an intermediate or advanced level, we can put you in what dance level you are comfortable with.

      During the class, we will show you the moves that we will learn on that date, then we will practice together breaking down slowly all the steps one by one to get into the move. We will repeat them several times and support your particular need to facilitate your dance.

      You will participate on asking question during the class.

      There will be music to dance the steps and moves we learnt for you to practice and establish this particular move.