Southern Cross Salsa Frankston

Specialising in Cuban Rueda Style Salsa, we aim to bring the social, fun aspect back to salsa dancing. Rueda de Casino (The Casino Wheel) is a style of salsa that can be danced in groups of people ranging from 2 couples to 50 couples or more. However, the moves and figures learned in classes are designed to be able to be danced by individual couples as easily as group Ruedas.

The dynamic and numerous partner changes help to introduce dancers to their fellow Ruederos and creates a fun and inclusive party atmosphere during classes and social dances. It is a key to the Rueda sytle to have the whole group working together.

Our belief is that dancing should be fun. We don’t believe that it’s about how many complex moves you know or how fancy your moves are. It’s about the enjoyment that you have on the dance floor.

During classes with us, you will laugh, move and learn to shake your hips. You will be challenged, but you won’t even realise. We teach technique, styling, culture and musicality all withing an enjoyable learning environment.

You need never have ever danced before. If you can move with attitude, then you are easily capable to learn to dance!

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